susancalvin (susancalvin) wrote,

I am a menace.

Do not leave me unattended with your computers. Or your teeth.

My laptop has been cranky lately, and most specifically since I tried to install updates for SpySweeper. Apparently, trying and failing to update SpySweeper will cause your laptop to freeze. Okay. So, since my laptop wasn't looking like the most stable piece of equipment ever, I thought it might be a good idea to back up my harddrive. Except then I discovered that the CD drive wasn't working. Like, at all.

I dropped my laptop off at SCS Help this morning so that it could be repaired and went back to my office to use my desktop machine. Only to discover that it had what appeared to be a virus. All of the text had turned into unreadable nonsense characters. Fun for the whole family. I called the help desk and they sent someone over to take it away. He seemed to think it was a bad video card. (Actually, when he called me later, he said he couldn't find anything wrong with it and rebooting seemed to fix the problem. Which I find very sketchy.)

So now I had no computers. All of my computers were broken. I went down to the lab to check my email, where I promptly caused the computer I was using to freeze up. dlv78 kindly made me an account on a spare Powerbook. I suspect he's still trying to win me over to the Mac side.

Since today is clearly not my day, I went home to sulk, taking the Powerbook with me. Where I also managed to cause it to freeze up while watching a DVD. Fortunately, power-cycling seemed to take care of that.

But seriously, this is 4 computers in less than 12 hours. I am extraordinarily talented.

As for my teeth...
About two years ago, I had a horrible root canal experience. I thought I was just getting a cavity filled, but midway through, the dentist said, "Oh, looks like we need to do a root canal," except he hadn't given me enough Novacaine for that and it started to wear off partway through and really was by far the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced. Ever. Plus, it hurt for about 2 months afterwards, and has caused me to avoid the dentist ever since. (Oh yes, if you are in Pittsburgh, DO NOT go to Dr. Parker. Just don't.)

This Saturday, while I was in Florida, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my siblings when I bit down on a pretzel stick and felt something bad happen. That very same root-canaled tooth had broken into three pieces.

I couldn't convince myself that it was quite enough of an emergency to page the dentist at home, so I waited until Monday. At which point my parents' dentist said that the tooth was too badly broken to repair and had to come out. He said that the cavity that had been filled was too big for the onlay that Dr. Parker did and should have been a crown. Since he didn't put a crown on it, the filling served as a wedge, chiselling my tooth right down the middle. (As an aside, can I sue Dr. Parker? I really really want to.)

So, he sent me to a periodontal specialist on Tuesday morning, who was supposed to remove the broken tooth and put in an implant, on which a fake tooth can be mounted. Except, I, mutanty freak that I am, happen to be one of the 1 in 1000 people whose #4 tooth has two roots instead of one. Which means that the hole where the tooth used to be is too large for a small implant, but is nonetheless too small for a large implant such as would be used to replace a molar. So, the doctor did a bone graft (?), stitched my gums up, and sent me back to the dentist, who glued a fake tooth to the two neighboring teeth. Yes, glued.

Now, I have to wait 4 months for the bone graft to take and then go and get an implant placed so I can get a more permanent fake tooth. Just the thought of having anything titanium placed inside one of my bones, and especially in my jawbone, in my mouth, regarding which I am particularly squeamish, makes me consider passing out. I'm really nto looking forward to it.

I'm having a bad week.
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