susancalvin (susancalvin) wrote,

Bible nerd-dom

So, this week's parsha (Torah portion) is Parsha Eikev, somewhere in the middle of Deuteronomy (7:12-11:25 for the equally nerdy). This and the surrounding Torah portions are basically Moses' last minute exhortations to the Jews before he dies and they cross the Jordan River into the land of Israel. This parsha is a big list of commandments that the Jews must follow, and an enumeration of the rewards that G-d will give them if they play nicely: He'll defeat their enemies, and give them the Land, and make their crops successful and their animals healthy. But one of the statements that jumped out at me was this one:

"And the Lord will remove from you all illness, and all of the evil diseases of Egypt which you knew, He will not set upon you, but He will lay them upon all your enemies."

Now, (finally) I get to my question -- Am I crazy for being absolutely convinced that madvei Mitzrayim (the diseases of Egypt) is referring to STIs?

Rashi doesn't comment on it.

ETA: I think I figured it out. I clearly was thinking that participating in ma'aseh ha'eretz mitzrayim (the ways of the land of Egypt (Leviticus 18:3)) might lead one to acquire madvei mitzrayim.
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