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The buffer zone legislation that I've been nagging y'all about incessantly passed yesterday by a vote of 5-3. dlv78 and I went down to City Council to watch the public hearing. All my favorite crazies were there. One man exhorted City Council to listen to the "prayerful pro-life advocates" and not us "Jezebels". I don't really know who Jezebel was, but I presume that she was a seducer of righteous men. I kind of want a t-shirt that says "Jezebel", but not as much as I want this one. I didn't make a statement, in part because I have no voice to speak of (stupid sickness) but mostly because people had already said whatever I would want to say, but dlv78 did, which was great because he was calm and articulate and didn't call anyone names.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I don't, for instance, know how long something like this takes to go into effect. Does it need to be signed by the mayor? I have no idea how city government works.

In short, I have a ridiculous crush on Councilman Doug Shields who is full of nerd-chic.
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