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Limitless and bewildering.
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Monday, March 7th, 2005

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Parlez-vous Freezepop?
I'll conquer your love like it was Poland...
I'll radiate love like Three-Mile Island...

No, that's not Freezepop. That was Thou Shalt Not, the first opening act, who was your average angsty guy with an acoustic guitar and a bad haircut. But with the occasionally interesting turn of phrase, as above. The second opening act, Girl Talk, was a not-very-good DJ who took all of his clothes off and writhed around on the floor, grabbing people's ankles and knocking people over.

Whoever books the opening acts at the Garfield Artworks... Please. Stop.

Freezepop was excellent. I danced my ass off. I hope they get better turnouts in other cities. There weren't that many people at the show, which is a shame because everyone deserves to partake of the shiny synth-pop happiness that is F-R-E^2-Z-E-P-O-P.

Right, so that was last night. As for the rest of the weekend:

- Friday evening, I went to a potluck where a sugar-cube robot was set on fire. The resulting red-wine-and-rum concoction wasn't very good, but the addition of cranberry juice made it palatable. A very enjoyable game of Apples to Apples was played, where the winning noun to go with the adjective "Feminine" was "Pumping Iron". robogock and I lobbied especially hard for that one.

- Saturday, I woke up late, went to the Quiet Storm for lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon knitting on the couch there. I got about 5 inches done on my fuzzy vest. robots_suck and alostboi showed up around 4:30 to show off robots_suck's hot new haircut.

I ended up going with them and DT to see the Rachel's at Modern Formations. The Rachel's are "classical post-rock" and I liked them a lot, except that they don't know how to end their songs. Every song has a surprise ending, which is exciting once, but gets old quickly.

I tried to watch Rushmore afterwards, but I got sleepy halfway through and had to go home.

- Sunday morning, I had brunch with daemonv at Lydia's and then went to collect signatures for Jon Pushinsky. We went to Churchill in the hopes of finding Republicans, but it turns out that even the suburbs in Pittsburgh are full of Democrats.

After Freezepop, which I attended with mdrnprometheus and dlv78, I went to daemonv and Corvis's birthday party.

Now I'm exhausted, and it's already Monday.

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